Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bidding Farewell (1977-2006)

Since the end of the Toronto Blue Jays' 2005 season several Jays have moved on. Two great friends, Corey Koskie (top) and Gabe Gross (bottom) were dealt in separate deals to the Milwaukee Brewers.

For several years I've been thinking of moving on and passing the Baseball Chapel torch to someone younger. During this off-season I've been praying for God's direction and trusting Him to lead me aright. When Corey and Gabe moved on it was as though the Lord was saying, "Now is the time. I've moved out your best friends on the team. What other indications do you need?" The godly counsel of many spiritual advisors has confirmed that it's time to "hang 'em up" as far as being the Toronto Blue Jays' chapel leader is concerned.

It's been quite a ride! Hundreds of friendships have been made that will last a lifetime! Many fond memories linger as I think of the great things God has done since day 1 of the Jays' major league history and my involvement with them.

Although I'm leaving over a disagreement I have with one of Baseball Chapel's policies*, I will continue to endorse this outreach to ballplayers that God raised up through Watson Spoelstra back in 1973. Many lives have been impacted and continue to be changed through the Baseball Chapel ministry.

Though I'm moving on, I will still be in touch with the ballplayers through Epistle Sports Ministries and will trust God to use the cards and letters of encouragement to bring spiritual transformation to these professional athletes.

Thanks for your prayers, dear friends, as we enter another chapter of ministry for His glory!

* - If anyone is interested, I'd be pleased to explain this to you!

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