Sunday, July 24, 2005

Yikes...What a Trip!

Wow! Our trip to Corning, NY has been quite the adventure. I'll fill you in more later. I'm sitting here at the computer in the lobby of the Days Inn in Watertown, NY on Sunday night at 11:30. At noon today I had lunch with Corey Koskie and Gabe Gross in Syracuse, attended the chapels there and then drove north to Watertown.

Nathan (check out my earlier post) is doing much better although his face is black and blue. Thanks for your prayers.

I'll give you more of an update tomorrow evening.

'Til then, keep trusting Him!


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  1. Hi David... Just wanted to let you know I checked in here and read about David on Sunday and have been praying. (It was so hot down here in our basement that I couldn't hang around long enough to comment....sigh...). I'm glad he is feeling better and I'll pray that the bruises will go away soon. Glad, too, that you made is safely back home from your trip! God bless... Debra