Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Run To Him

One of my favorite popular singers back in the early 60's was Bobby Vee. His best songs, in my opinion, were The Night Has 1,000 Eyes and Take Good Care of My Baby. Rubber Ball was another hit! A song which didn't rise as high on the charts was entitled Run to Him. Today I received something from my writer friend Mitzi, by the same title, which I have shared below. I trust that you will be challenged as you read this. As the oft-seen bumper sticker says, "Feeling Far From God...Who Moved?" Of course He didn't!

The Shadow of the Almighty...A Safe Place

Here's that thought-provoking piece of writing from Mitzi:

"Run to Him! He has not forsaken you. He is right where He was when the darkness overtook you, when the clouds of adversity settled above you. He will run to you. Remember the things long ago that He spoke to you.
They are still true.

He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. His Light will dispel all the darkness. Light and darkness cannot exist together as Light shatters the darkness. He has been there this entire time.

He has not kept silent, nor left you. The pain has blocked your sight and hearing. He will remove the veil from your eyes and the fog of all the turmoil. He is sending showers of Love and Peace to you.

Be comforted by His Spirit. Find strength in the shadow of His mighty wings. He will wrap you in calm assurance. He will rock you and sing a lullaby of peace to you, His child, now and forever. Rest in Him. Rest in Him."

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