Monday, July 18, 2005

Two Guys Missed Church

Yesterday (Sunday, July 17th) was the first time I had missed being at the ballpark in Toronto for medical reasons in the 29 years that I've been serving with Baseball Chapel. It felt awfully strange knowing that the Blue Jays were in town and I wasn't there conducting the chapel services. Instead, I was being treated at a Walk-In Clinic in a nearby town for an eye condition known as Keratitis or an abrasion and subsequent infection of the cornea. My eye was so bad yesterday morning that I could barely see to drive home from my overnight shift with Christian Horizons.

During the morning, while feeling sorry for myself, I wondered if Chuck Obremski was faithfully preaching God's Word at his church in spite of the cancer that is ravaging his body. Here I am with a red eye that won't open and Chuck is standing before his God and His people, declaring God's inerrant Word. Later in the day I received the following update from
Susan Bunts, a member of Chuck's congregation at Kindred Community Church. It's been an absolutely unbelievable feat, from a human perspective, for Chuck to carry on so faithfully especially over the last few months. Let's lift up Chuck and Linda before the Lord during these critical days. And, by the way, my eye is much better today after taking eye drops every two hours since yesterday afternoon.

Our God is an awesome God!

Susan writes:

Today was the first Sunday that my beloved Pastor, Chuck Obremski has not preached since we started our church 2 1/2 years ago. Think about many regular, healthy pastors do you know that you can say have not missed one Sunday in 2 1/2 years? That in itself would be amazing...but with's nothing short of a miracle from God.

We remain ever hopeful and prayerful that our great God and Savior Jesus Christ will see fit to heal Chuck. We continue to lift him up in prayer...and have stood back amazed to see God at work in his life. Sustaining him, strengthening him, filling him with His Holy Spirit, enabling him to powerfully preach His Word, week after the face of a devastating illness. He has given him faith and trust when many would doubt and be filled with anger. He filled him with the desire to be obedient and continue to teach God's Word...when most would go turn and go their own way.

In turn...God has been able to use this wretched disease for something beautiful. The powerful witness for the love of God...and his ability to help in your most desperate of circumstances. This message has reached out and touched so very many people. People who themselves are sick or in desperate circumstances...or family and friends who are effected by seeing their loved one in such a difficult place.God has used this to grow us up and strengthen us as a congregation...and enable us to walk in love. Love for our for each other and love for the lost.Through this all God has provided. Today is no different.

Dave Dunn, an Elder at Kindred, preached this mornings message. He is a godly man...who loves his Savior and God's Word. I consider it a privilege to attend Dave's Bible study during the week.We continue to be desperate and dependent on our he lovingly cares for his sheep. Praise God!

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