Monday, July 04, 2005

Everlasting Embrace

Mitzi, a writer friend, recently penned the following piece. It's not only a prayer but a powerful testimony concerning the goodness of our great and mighty God.

Held by the Father

I know how it is to be “held” by the Father. I know the warm comfort underneath the shadow of His wings.

I will rest in You and abide in You. You, O Lord, are my dwelling place. Cradle me in assurance once more, My Father.

As I gaze into Your eyes of compassion, Lord, You see and know all things. Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I. Keep me ever anchored in You, enjoying sweet fellowship. I will sing of Your love forever. I will sing of Your mercy and peace and will never cease. I cry out to You to cover me.

Thank You for those around me who hold me up to stand for You, as I am so weary. You are so very faithful. You are the Love of my life. You are my Reason and my Hope. I wouldn’t last one day, one hour, or one minute without You. You have loved me with an Everlasting Love. You have treated me with gentleness and compassion.

When I gaze into Your eyes, I see Truth, Life and Light. The warmth there warms the deepest parts of my soul. From the depths of my heart, I cry to You, Loving Father, for strength when I am weak and the knowledge that I seek. I need healing and relief. Lord, bless me with Your peace.

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  1. Mitzi...what wonderful praise and reminders of God's love for us everyday...all around us. After a difficult day recently...when kneeling to I laid my head down against the bed I felt as thought I was resting my head in Jesus lap. The tenderness I felt reminded me of God's love in the midst of troubling times. Thank you Mitzi! Susan