Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Worth Repeating

One of my earliest "posts" last November when I first started the Pilgrim Scribblings blog was the following prayer. I often whisper it to the Lord and felt it was worth repeating here on this site. I trust that these words are also the expression of your heart to the "King of Glory".

King of Glory - A Poem/A Prayer

The Lord gave me this poem during a particularly difficult time on my pilgrimage "home". May the following prayer be yours as well as we travel together.

“King of Glory, Friend Divine,
Lover of this heart of mine.
Come this moment, whisper ‘peace’,
And may all my striving cease.
Teach me more of Your great love,
Cleanse me, fill me,
Heavenly Dove.”

- David


  1. King of Glory, He's our King
    Ever let our praises ring.
    This poem is penned from the Spirit of God. It speaks peace to the soul. Blessings.

  2. David...even as I read this poem a peace from God fills my heart. Thanks for sharing. Susan

  3. This would be beautiful to music!