Friday, February 24, 2012


Silent Movies Can Be Extremely Loud

Today's Pilgrim Scribblings post is written by my friend Greg Asimakoupoulos.

I haven't seen the movie "The Artist" but I certainly share Greg's sentiments
regarding the power of our actions.

Greg writes:

"The Artist" is a silent film
with hopes for Oscar gold.*
It is a brand new movie
even tho it seems quite old.

There's music, but no dialog.
The actions are the key
to making sense of what goes on
as we can plainly see.

The same applies if we feel called
to share what we believe.
To preach and quote the Bible
just might make our listeners leave.

Our actions matter more than talk.
Our doing trumps our words.
The former is received with joy.
The latter's least preferred.

I'd rather see a sermon
that just hear one any day.**
The artist who can act out love
won't need that much to say.

* "The Artist" is nominated for several Academy Awards this year.

** This phrase was borrowed from a line in a poem by Edgar Guest.

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