Monday, February 13, 2012


I'm re-posting earlier articles from my other blogs during the month of February.  

This week I will post items that I have written in the past that appeared on my Pilgrim Song blog. 

Here is the first one for day # 13 of February.  

I pray that you will benefit from these thoughts.

Amazing Grace...

In yet another "dark night of the soul" God has arrested me and ticketed my awful pride. In those lonely, still, contemplative moments before dusk He spoke loud and clear. Words that cut to the core. I rose, penned these words before they fled and thanked Him for His voice that can still be heard in the midst of the clutter.

Here's what He said:

I stood before a holy God
With blood-stained hands
And broken heart
And in that moment
Saw that I
Had driven nails
That held Him there
My sinful pride
Self-righteous ways
Had caused the Saviour
Needless pain
He could have banished me to hell
For all the hurt
That I had caused
Instead He drew me to Himself
Offered forgiveness
Without cost
And in those Eyes
And on that Face
I read these words

© David W. Fisher – February 2009


  1. I think "THIS" is the best piece you have ever put up on this page my friend. I wish I had seen it before, but it holds, and will always hold the truth of the brokeness of our lives and the wondrous Grace and Mercy we are given by our Lord and Master...