Wednesday, September 01, 2010

One Thousand Gifts

holy experienceAnn Voskamp from Holy Experience began something called One Thousand Gifts where other blog writers could list 1,000 things for which they are grateful. Ideally, the bloggers would begin their list...starting at # 1 and over a period of time build the "Gratitude" list up to the 1,000 "things". Usually these would be posted on Mondays (see the graphic posted here..."Multitude Monday"). Surely all of us have that many things and multitudes more to thank God for. Rather than waiting for Monday, I'm beginning my list today. I've always been somewhat of a non-conformist anyway.  Look for more on Monday.  Maybe I can't wait until then and I'll list a few more things.  What are you grateful to God for today?  Think about it!

#1 - God's great gift of salvation offered freely to sinners like me

#2 - Ann Voskamp's incredible writing skills

#3 - The eerie call of a loon in the early morning

#4 - The sound of waves lapping against the shore here at Elim Lodge

#5 - Lemon meringue pie

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