Saturday, October 03, 2009

Ruminations, Rat Poison and Rickshaws

What do you write about when you have nothing to write about or you can't break out of the dreaded writer's block? Well, there's always a multitude of things to ruminate on...thus the "ruminations" in this post's title.

Rat Poison? My cardiologist is recommending a change in my heart medication and so "rat poison" made it to the title.

Rickshaws? I don't have a clue. I had to add something that begins with R didn't I?

Well, here's my solution! I'll write about such a miscellaneous collection of unrelated things that something here might be of interest to someone. Will this post inspire or encourage? Hopefully? Will anyone get a much-needed laugh? I trust someone will. Will a few folks get angry? Maybe!

So here no specific order:

Things I think about when I'm driving, dozing or falling asleep in church:

Chicago loses out on bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics! Yeah! Rio de Janiero gets the games in spite of Obama and Oprah and hoopla going over to Helsinki or wherever they went. Why not save babies from the abortionist's scalpel instead of trying to secure the Olympics for the USA? That trip must have cost a penny or two.

Road Rage! Yesterday afternoon I tried coming home from Toronto early to beat the Friday afternoon traffic. I should have left at 5:45 in the morning. Oops, that's when I left Peterboorugh to drive in to work at SIM Canada. I left Toronto at 2:30 and arrived home at 9:15. Actually I stopped at two different malls to get the circulation moving in my legs from sitting still so long on Highway 401. Finally I turned around and went back to Toronto. Every alternate route I tried had resulted in more frustration. I went back to my room at work and waited it out. Lots of fun.

End of an Era? Yesterday's disclosure that the Toronto Blue Jays' players are upset with the management style of manager Cito Gaston caught some by surprise. Apparently a mutiny would be imminent if the season's end wasn't Sunday. Many sources say that Cito had "lost" the "room" or the clubhouse. I'm sure the players have their reasons. I must add that Cito has always been very supportive of my work with the players while I served with Baseball Chapel. During his 2nd term of office he has been very helpful and cordial.

The Jays' GM, J. P. Ricciardi, is apparently on his way out too. J. P., like Cito has been a great friend to me and I will be sad to see him go if he, in fact, moves on. Yes, it seems like it's the end of an era and I will miss these two classy men. be continued when I think of more to write...


Shortly after posting these "Ruminations" I read that J. P. Ricciardi (pictured) has been fired by the Toronto Blue Jays. Farewell, good friend! Thanks for being in my corner for the last 8 seasons! I will miss you!

For more on J. P. check here.

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  1. I like the multi-topic approach! Classic blogging!

    Driving out of the Greater Toronto Area on a Friday? You're a brave man, David. We had a trip like that the week before. The trip that never ended.

    Sending the President of the United States to try to secure an Olympic bid seems rather frivolous. What's next? Sending the Secretary of State to Italy to pick up a pizza?