Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Dispenser Lady

Do a Google search for PEZ, click on "images" and you'll find pages and pages of pictures of PEZ candy dispensers that have been produced over the years. Most of us have had a PEZ dispenser at one time or another. The PEZ candies weren't that exciting or least I thought they weren't. The fun was in getting them out of the dispenser, whether it was Elvis, Mickey Mouse or Bart Simpson who was dishing them out.

The posted picture shows the PEZ lady in an ad from a by-gone day.

I know a modern day PEZ lady. Actually she's a dispenser lady whose name is ROZ WINNEY. ROZ dispenses candies at her desk at the office where I work. She always has a great selection of mints, hard candies, life savers and other tasty treats. Need a bottle of Diet Pepsi? There are always a few at the dispenser lady's desk.

More important than the candies and drinks that are always in good supply, you can get more important, life-changing goodies at Roz's desk. Things that money can't buy. Encouragement, a word of prayer, a funny joke, a friendly smile, a verse of scripture to lift a troubled soul. Yes, Roz is a great dispenser of love, joy, peace and blessing and I count it a privilege to have my office next to hers.

And, by the way, Roz will often bring me a hot cup of Tim Horton's coffee and leave it at my door.

Thanks, Dispenser Lady. ROZ beats PEZ any day!

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  1. Yeah are back! Hope that you are doing well.

    Blessings in Christ...Susan