Monday, February 09, 2009

Rodney's Plea...Pray for Australia

My blogging buddy, Rodney Olsen, from Australia posted the following update on the tragic fires that are causing havoc and loss of life in his country. Please pray that these fires will be brought under control. THANK YOU!

Rodney writes:

Fires are continuing to rage across the Australian state of Victoria. Extreme conditions have made the firefighters’ task even more difficult as they battle to bring the flames under control.

The death toll in the Victorian bushfire crisis is expected to rise above 200 in the next day or so as more bodies are discovered. It is the worst ‘natural’ disaster in Australia’s history. It’s difficult to come to terms with the fact that the fires which are causing untold death and destruction were deliberately lit.

There are still over twenty fires across the area with some towns completely wiped out and others still under threat.

Strathewen, with a population of only 200 people before the bushfires, had lost 30 residents in the last official count.

It’s hard to know what to do in a time like this but it seems to be a very natural thing to want to offer some kind of support to those in need.

At 98.5 Sonshine FM we’re encouraging listeners to do whatever they can to help the survivors of the tragedy.

We’ve placed a number of links on the Sonshine FM website to allow people to make a secure online donation to the organisation of their choice.

There’s also opportunity to post a prayer or a few thoughts for others to read online.


  1. Thanks for highlighting this urgent need.

  2. Rodney, whenever I hear anything about Australia I always think of you, so I've been praying since we first heard of these tragedies (I even did a mapquest to see how close Perth was--I was concerned about your family). Again, you are in my prayers, your Country and its people, too. ...Debra