Sunday, February 01, 2009


In yet another "dark night of the soul" God has arrested me and ticketed my awful pride. In those lonely, still, contemplative moments before dusk He spoke loud and clear. Words that cut to the core. I rose, penned these words before they fled and thanked Him for His voice that can still be heard in the midst of the clutter.

Here's what He said:

Please hear what He said:

I stood before a holy God
With blood-stained hands
And broken heart
And in that moment
Saw that I
Had driven nails
That held Him there
My sinful pride
Self-righteous ways
Had caused the Saviour
Needless pain
He could have banished me to hell
For all the hurt
That I had caused
Instead He drew me to Himself
Offered forgiveness
Without cost
And in those Eyes
And on that Face
I read these words

~ David


  1. Beautiful David...Forgiveness...

  2. Truly Amazing David!!! Such amazing truth...
    God has definately blessed you with a wonderful gift for using words to speak truth and encouragement into so many lives. Thank you again for sharing from your heart!!!

  3. if not for the grace of God ... where would we be? o