Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Prayer Request

Another of my blogging buddies and Pilgrim Pals, Victoria Gaines (or Vicki to us) asks for prayer for her husband Richard. Vicki has been such a wonderful source of blessing and encouragement to me so I encourage you to stop as you read this and lift Vicki & Richard up before the Father, asking Him to work out His purposes. THANK YOU!

Vicki writes:

I need to leave a prayer need here. Richard is still dealing with a huge kidney stone that won't break up and pass, even though he's had TWO lithotripsies at the hospital these past two months. At times, he's very uncomfortable, and behind the big stone are several smaller ones, but I'm afraid they will end up doing something more invasive like surgery. His PSA count is also high, and now they're talking about a prostate biopsy if his blood test is still elevated in 3 weeks.

I'd just feel comforted to know all of you were praying for him. We need wisdom and relief. He has missed so much work due to constant labs, scans, x-rays, and outpatient procedures. He is sick and tired. Last night he went to bed before 8pm, he was so exhausted mentally and physically.



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