Sunday, June 01, 2008


I fished this out of the archive pool. This is how I felt this morning. Again. Funny how history repeats itself. ~ David the Pilgrim

Tossing, turning
Can’t get to sleep
Rehearsing what may happen
But never does.
Every hour
On the hour
Will morning ever come?
Suddenly night is gone
A new day has broken
I arise and
Put on my clothes
But can’t
Put off the blackness.
Friends come alongside
Some understand
Others don’t.
I write when
Nothing else helps.
I wrote an author
Who understands.
Just that simple act
That only took five minutes
Lifted the burden
Tore away the curtain
That veiled His face.
Rain began to fall
Outside my window
But the sunshine of
God’s love
Beat upon my spirit.
I had turned the corner
I would be alright.
God is still on the throne
He will care for His own
He did today
He will tomorrow.
I will rest in peace
Because God will be up
All night
And I gave Him
My concerns.
Good night!

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