Thursday, June 26, 2008

No Comment

Sometimes the best response to something or someone is "no comment". At times our own opinions are best left unsaid.

For blog writers (and readers) like myself we thrive on comments, positive or otherwise. At least we know we're being read.

These pilgrim scribblings have been penned now for over 3 and a half years. Comments have been widespread...usually positive. Lately though they have been almost non-existent. Are the scribblings becoming stale? Are the readers too busy to add a comment? I'm not sure. Every so often I'll hear about someone whose life has been enriched by a devotional thought or a real-life experience that I have scribbled on this blog. It's always encouraging to hear or read these remarks.

The mother of a dear friend of ours has been visiting this site in recent months. Apparently she has been encouraged. That excites me!

How about you? Why not leave me a note. Let me know it these thoughts are meeting a need.

Thanks so much for your visits, dear friends!

May the God of all grace touch your life today and minister peace and hope through Jesus Christ our wonderful Lord. AMEN!

~ David


  1. Sir:

    Your scribblings are always a blessing.


  2. Keep writing David!


  3. I am regularly interested/encouraged by your postings! I pray you keep it up :D

  4. I read David Jeremiah's devotional each morning and check out your blog as well David. This mornings was on "The blessing of brokenness".... I was immediately reminded of the many blogs you've written. Many have been difficult times for you personally, and the LORD, I believe, has encouraged and comforted many others through the way He has brought encouragement and comfort to you in those difficult times. Some times there's not much one can say.... but people are being blessed so keep at it for all our sakes! The scripture David Jeremiah quoted was 2Cor 1:3-7. I believe it fits your blogs perfectly!
    So Thank-you David for sharing and keep them coming!
    May God bless you richly,
    Cliff & Jane

  5. I check your blog daily, sometimes more than that. I recently re-discovered my faith after total neglect during my teen years.I find that your blog is an amazing place for inspiration and little lessons. So thank you! Please know that your blogging does not go unappreciated, it is a big part of my life.


  6. I've been reading your scribblings for several months now- I stumbled upon them by doing a random search,and must say they serve as an emotional uplift whenever I seem to need one. I have your blog bookmarked and visit you often. I appreicate your words.