Sunday, January 01, 2006

God's Best In 2006

Dear Friends:

What a year we had in 2005! What an adventure! What a trip! What a venture into the unknown! But God walked with us every step of the way and showed Himself strong, mighty to save and able to keep. We praise Him for revealing Himself throughout the journey. Many times He used friends like you to point towards "home", take our hands and encourage us along the way. What a mighty God we serve!

Carol joins me in wishing you God's best as we launch out into another year. May you know the peace of God and His wonderful provision in ways you've never known before. May His Son, Jesus, become more precious as you trust Him more!

David's Health Update...

As I mentioned in an earlier update, I've spent much of the last week in the hospital. Carol took me back in to Emergency early Thursday morning. The doctors determined that I have cellulitis of the skin (around my face) and treated me agressively with antibiotics intravenously. They admitted me Thursday morning and I was able to come home yesterday (Saturday) around noon. I'll continue to take the antibiotics for another week. Thanks for your prayers over the next few days. I'm still very weak and tired.

While laying on my hospital bed the other morning the Lord gave me a brief poem of praise. I was grateful for the protection of God's angelic hosts who attend to Christian believers in our time of need. Here are the lyrics:

Holy, Holy, Almighty God
Enthroned in glorious splendor on high;
From whence He gives His angels charge
To guard and keep us in all our ways,
For this we offer our endless praise
For this we offer our endless praise.

May you trust Him more as we move into a brand new year.



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