Friday, January 06, 2012

The Truth

My friend Paul Wilkinson posted this list on his Thinking Out Loud blog.  It's not original with him.  He posted a link to the source.  Something to think about!

Things You Can Do With Truth

1) Deny it.
2) Ignore it.
3) Cover over it.
4) Reject it.
5) Make fun of it.
6) Mimic it.
7) Twist it.
8) Talk about it.
9) Avoid it.
10) Proclaim it.
11) Be changed by it.
12) Represent it.
13) Embrace it.
14) Love it.
15) Hate it.
16) Live it.
17) Live by it.
18) Long for it.
19) Seek it.
20) Believe it.
21) Wrestle with it.
22) Lament it.

Things You Can’t Do With Truth

1) Change it. 

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