Sunday, January 15, 2012

Be Still

Lori, over at It's All In The Heart, posted a great reflection entitled STILL recently.  I've taken the liberty of posting it here on Pilgrim Scribblings because it struck a note with me.

When was the last time that you were intentionally STILL?  What about me?  When am I ever STILL?

Lori writes:

"That little word “still” brings to mind many things. Waiting on God requires something of me and most often it means I need to be still from the constant pressure of things that I think need to be done. Finding that one particular quiet moment takes a little effort on my part, I seem to be able to find a million other things to do, but entering into that moment of stillness is priceless. 

I think of other things that the word still means to me, things like the constant love of my husband who manages to still love me even with all my faults. It is a dependable word that is hung in the doorway of the hearts of those who love others beyond what you could imagine. It is a word of  hope, like “still waiting”, like God does with us, and like we do with others. We learn patience that way. We learn how to sit through the hard things that would otherwise drive us away. 

It is an active, living word that carries with it a determination to see things through and it is faithfulness that helps us believe for the best even when it looks like it couldn’t get any worse. It is not knowing the outcome but learning to trust in situations when trusting and believing is the most difficult thing for you to do. That little word “still” embraces those who are discouraged and have given up and we step forward and love them in their brokenness. Still is knowing that God hasn’t left you and you are not alone." 

     Be still and know that I am God,
     The Psalmist's plea rings out;
     Just come apart and rest awhile
     Be freed from fear and doubt.

       - David Fisher, January 15th, 2012

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