Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tight Toilet

Being 77 inches tall, or 6' 5" if you prefer, I've had a few struggles over my 65 years with cramped quarters in bathrooms, restrooms, washrooms, loos, johns or whatever you call those "relief stations" in your part of the world.

Many years ago I was the guest speaker at a breakfast meeting in a nearby town.  Just before I was to be introduced, the MC announced that the group would sing a song and then I'd be "on".  I quickly excused myself and found the restroom.  

Wow!  It was so small I had to sit sideways but...I'm already giving you far too much information.  Well...the group had to sing that song several times because I was wedged in there and couldn't get the door open.  You can imagine my desperation.  Finally I was able to kick the door open, walk back into the waiting crowd with sweaty palms and a red face.

That's only one of dozens of tales I could tell but I'll save them for another day...or a book.

When my friend (and Kawartha Komets coach) Dale Lowe posted this photo on his blog I knew I had to recount my "tight toilet tale".


  1. Too funny David! I can only imagine having to walk back into the room of waiting nothing ever happened!!
    I look forward to seeing the first printing of your book at Chapters. I'll be first in line for a signed copy!

  2. Thanks for the first good chuckle of the day for me!!!
    And, before your first printing of you book is at Chapters, I'd be thrilled to get a copy in the mail!!!
    Love you dear Cousin!

  3. When I was a kid my parents took us across the country over the years camping. They often told us that the first thing we would do at reaching a site is to check out the loo. Years later when we were making a stocking for them we happened to find a book that listed the johns across the country with the discription. It was quite funny. I think the world is ready for a best seller book from you on this topic. You could research other people's stories. I remember on one trip that had only outhouses. It was a two seater. When we left that night my brother had given them indoor lighting....he dropped the lit flashlight into the hole!!!

  4. I did not know you were THAT tall! And please excuse me for laughing....oh sorry, David. They should make bigger bathrooms!

  5. this is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for more stories!