Thursday, October 14, 2010

Up From the Cave They Arose

My writer friend, Greg Asimakoupoulos, has penned some poignant prose regarding the miraculous rescue of the Chilean miners.

I thought this should be shared with my Pilgrim Scribblings readers.

Greg writes:

A Day of Resurrection
A month of men (plus two) sing Easter praise

Thirty-three men and one common prayer.

A month of men (plus two)
knew help was on the way,
but they were forced to wait
for what seemed like years
praying rosaries,
playing games,
staying fit,
staying strong
in the midst of the rubble of doubt
that surrounded them.

A month of men (plus two)
knew they had no choice
but to shoulder the wait
with much sweat
and little sleep
deep in the bowels of Mother Earth.

For two months and seven days
rescue workers tirelessly mined
for thirty-three miners
whose mettle is much more notable
than the copper and gold
hiding in the Chilean caves
that might well
have been their graves.

Two months and seven days
after the "mining expedition" began
an Easter-like lyric
punctuated South America's
transfer of power from winter to spring
(death giving way to life)...

"Up from the cave they arose!"

A month of men (plus two)
vertically ascended
one at a time
in resurrection glory,
freed from the greedy grasp
of the Grim Reaper
and released into the joyful embrace
of familiar arms.

The miners have risen!
They have risen indeed!
Thanks be to God!
Gracias, SeƱor

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
October 14, 2010 

Note:  For more of Greg's work click here.

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