Friday, October 08, 2010

"REAL" Hockey!

One of the most exciting and rewarding things we've done in the last year and a half as a family has been the launching of the Kawartha Komets Special Needs Hockey Program.

Young people with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Tourette's, Down Syndrome and a variety of other exceptionalities are coming together as a team and they're lovin' it.

We are only a week away from beginning our 2nd season of great, thrilling hockey.

Kids who never had a chance to play the game they love are now living out their dream.

Parents are cheering from the sidelines as their children, teens or young adults get their 1st goal, their 1st shutout, their 1st victory or, sometimes, their 1st loss.
Check out the Kawartha Komets here on our web site.  Better still, catch a game at the Evinrude Centre and you'll be back for more.

The Kawartha Komets...making dreams come true!

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