Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Core Values...Our Ethos

 While surfing the web I came across the following core values on the web site of ChristChurch Belfast.  It bears repeating.  This is what I believe as well.  Putting these core values into practice is another story but by God's grace, enabling and empowering it can be done.

This is what the site offers:

Our Ethos can be summarised by the following core values:
  • Each Individual is of immense value to God
  • The primary agent for change in an individual's life is the Holy Spirit working through the Word of God.
  • Authentic, loving relationships are at the heart of true fellowship.
  • Our acceptance with God and with one another is based on the grace of God, not on how well we perform.
  • True holiness lies in our attitude of heart to God rather than in the observance of rules and regulations.
  • Total devotion to Christ and to His cause in this world is the normal way of life for every believer.
  • God has uniquely designed and equipped each member of the church to serve one another.
  • Everything we do should be done as unto the Lord, in faith, to the best of the abilities he has given us.
  • The church must be culturally relevant while remaining doctrinally pure.
  • The church needs godly leadership by those with leadership gifts and accountability for all in leadership.

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