Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kick Start...Finally

You may have noticed...and maybe not...that I haven't posted anything on Scribblings for exactly two months. Writer's cramp? Not sure. Lots to write about. Too much as a matter of fact.

I discovered this afternoon that the best way to get shaken out of my doldrums was to visit a prolific blogger. The best, in my opinion.

Carol and I visited the Voscamp farm where Darryl, Ann (no E), four boys, Caleb, Joshua, Levi & Malachi and two girls, Hope and Shalom raise little
porkers (pigs).

I've enjoyed Ann's blog, Holy Experience, for five years and finally got to meet her today.

Please check it out. She's an incredibly gifted wordsmith.

Thanks, Ann, for giving me a kick today. I needed it.