Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prolonged Absence From Blogging

Dear Friends:

As you have noticed I have not posted here on
Pilgrim Scribblings for over a month. My creative writing skills have dried up temporarily and it's been hard to articulate my thoughts as I battle this severe depression that has beset me.

I value your prayers as I seek to get well again. We are trusting God to guide us to the proper treatment facility and we now see a possible source of help on the horizon.

Thank you for standing with me and my family during this very difficult season of my life.

The Lord continues to uphold us with His strong, righteous right hand.

In His Great Love,



  1. Some of your best stuff comes in difficult times David. Just write. The Living water flows, it can't be stopped. Praying for you and family...

  2. Dear David...

    A note! From you! Today, in our chapel mailbox... I wish I could have shared my happy delight with you in person! An utter joy to find your words, David... Wish I had known you were coming this way -- that we could have had you and Carol in for a cup of tea... prayed with you both....

    I ache with you through this season, David... Jesus knows how dark our dark can be, He who sweat great drops of blood in that Garden... He does not leave us alone. No, never alone.

    He has used you time and again to encourage me --- so many times. He uses you! You are useful and a light in the Kingdom and I give Him thanks for you!

    Please know I tuck your handwritten note in my Bible and I will pray... I have walked dark sides and yes, it can be staggeringly debilitating it can be and *you are not alone.*

    I send the highest esteem and the warmest regards and the most fervent of prayers...

    He walks with you, brother...
    All's grace,

  3. we continue to pray for you and Carol ... we pray that out of the darkness, God's light will shine that much brighter ... and it will, please just hold on to what is real, David ... and God's love for you is REAL, more real than anything you may be feeling now ... more real than the adversity you've encountered recently ... we pray for you daily ...

  4. Hi David... I'm so sorry about what you're going through. Have you considered consulting a Christian holistic doctor? They're great at looking at *everything, * spirit, sould and body and are not quick to just hand out pills. Just a thought. I'll keep praying that all will be well and I really hope to see you back here soon. Blogland just isn't the same without you! Blessings, Debra

  5. Just want you to know I am still praying for you.

  6. Just want you to know I am still praying for you David. Bless you!

    Louise in MI

  7. Dearest David...I've noticed and am praying my dear brother. Love...Susan

  8. David?!

    Did Carol leave a message on the machine today?
    I am sorry that I missed you!
    I am glad that we could sing for you anyways! :) (Were you the David singing on the machine too? We have a brother-in-law David who also sings for us :)

    Know I send the warmest regards.... and I continue to pray... and hold you in the highest esteem.

    All's grace,