Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hiding in the Shadow of His Wings

My fellow writer Mitzi Busby has penned the following words. I must confess that I get a bit uncomfortable when scribes put words in Jesus' mouth and write as though they are equal to "holy writ".

I don't believe that Mitzi is doing this. What she has written can be backed up by scripture. Read it for what it's worth and ask the Spirit of God to use it in your life where He deems necessary.

Mitzi writes:

"Today begins your breakthrough, the relief that you have been longing for and praying for. I have heard your cries and will give you the desires of your heart. I am more than able and more than enough for anything that you face. Your destiny and future will be realized as nothing can hold back what heaven has ordained. Receive My light and hope. You will begin to walk in faith more than ever. Stand in the Power of My might and walk in love by My Spirit. There is an acceleration of time and all things will be brought into order. Trust Me, My Child. I love you and long to give you good things. You are my Beloved, My Precious One. I uphold you and give you the power to soar on wings of eagles. Hold fast, I'm here and working on your behalf. Surely you will see my goodness, mercy, favor and blessings upon your life. Do not look at what is going on in the world, only keep your eyes on me and do all that I instruct you to do. I love you with an everlasting love that is stronger than any force in existence. I am showering you with My love and peace even now.

I’m taking you to the place that I always intended for you to be. The journey has not been easy or comfortable, but necessary in the shaping process for you to reach your destiny in Me. It is all for My Kingdom’s Purpose that you had to stand in faith against the pressures and take back ground. It is time to walk out of the fire with all of its testing and refining and soar with Me in a higher place. I require all of your faith and trust. The keys have released you from the past bondage and you are held together in Me.

You have yielded control of your life in total surrender to Me. No more worrying or anxiety-only relying in faith and total trust on My guiding hand upon your life. I will light your path even in the darkness and show you every step to take and every word to say. Do not move unless My Spirit says move. Do not turn to the right or left. I will make the way clear. You will walk in total victory over any circumstance-not by might or power, but by My Spirit. Stand firm in Me as I do not shake. I see the beginning from the end. You are held in Me. Feast on My faithfulness as I Am more than enough. Let My will be done on earth even as it is in heaven. Walk in the fullness of My Power and Glory. It rests upon you and is rising up in you now. Now is the time to step into your destiny for My Kingdom and to realize the meaning behind all that I have shown you and promised you. Walk closely behind Me in My shadow. Believe all that I have spoken to you.

Under the shadow of My wings come and hide. Rest in Me and cease striving. I will lead you beside the still, quiet, restful waters. I will restore your soul. I will show you the beauty that you hold inside. This beauty was placed there by Me. My spirit gives all the strength, love and power that you will ever need. My nature is love. I love you outrageously and deeply. Receive My love that I pour over you now. You will always and forever be My Beloved. Nothing can ever change that. Rest in Me. Still your thoughts and busyness. Rest, relax, bask in My love for you.

Trust Me. I Am bringing you through to the land of milk and honey. I AM lifting you above all of the snares. Walk with Me hand in hand and I will direct you. I will show you the course for the race. Keep pressing forward and don’t look back. I Am healing past hurts and pains that they will have no effect on where you travel today. Rest in My love for you. I have plans for a hope and a future for you. The enemy cannot stop what I set forth in your life. Newness is coming, it is breaking forth. The life I give is not as the world gives. I Am bringing heaven to earth and the natural things will operate according to My spiritual laws. You don’t need to understand it all. Just trust in My leading."

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  1. how lovely to see that you have started blogging again ... and that you have started to heal ... we have been praying for you and the family ... and we wondered how/where things stood with you ...

    may the Lord continue to do the work He started when you first came to know Him, so many years ago ... blessings on you!!!!