Friday, September 26, 2008

What Makes a Guy "Cool"?

It was interesting to read why Mark Driscoll likes/loves John Piper (pictured). He stated four reasons which I read on Tim Challies' blog.

Here's reason # 4:

By not trying to be cool . . . he’s cool.

"I cannot confirm it, but I think Dr. Piper may only have one jacket. I see him preach in it all the time and it’s a tweed coat with more than a few years of faithful service. I also think he may own one belt because I’ve only ever seen one. He drives a simple car, lives a simple life, does not have a tattoo (at least that I’ve seen), does not skateboard, and likes to read stuff by dead guys a lot. But by trying to just be himself rather than being cool, he has curiously become cool because he’s about Christ and that’s always cool."

What constitutes "cool" to you?

As Driscoll says, and I confer, "by not trying to be cool...he's cool".

Nobody will ever think that I'm cool. I don't "try" to be cool. I'm just NOT cool although many people think that ministering to the needs of athletes is "cool".

So, friends, just be yourself and that'll be "cool" to me.

Chill, man!

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