Tuesday, September 16, 2008


What is family? Each one of us is part of a family. Be it broken, disfunctional, unusual or "normal", we are pieces of cloth in the quilt called family.

Many of us long to be full-fledged members of a "normal" family, a collection or fellowship of blood relatives who love, honour, respect and care for each other. A family where academics, athletics or achievements or lack of such are not used to elevate or lower one's status.

We tend to look at other families and sigh, "if only we could be like them." I'm often guilty. There are some family units who seem to be so "together", so "with it", so free from the dirty and complicated "stuff" that causes fracture and failure.

When I read Ann Voskamp's writing concerning her family (pictured), I get envious, not only of her writing expertise but of her seemingly well-adjusted family. And yet she would be the first to tell us of their follies and failings.

Father, you have put families together. Help us today to love each other, accept each other and affirm each other. May our families be a small, frail example of what the family of God is really like. AMEN!

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