Monday, September 01, 2008

Spurgeon's Prayer Still Powerful

The following prayer by Charles Haddon Spurgeon (December 30th, 1877) should be the heart cry of the church today. He being dead yet speaketh.

"Lord, there are so many today who are running away from the truth. Oh, that You would be pleased to speak by Your Spirit that Your word may be known. Lord, hold us fast to the truth of Your word, bind us to it. May we not be ashamed of the truth of Your word but proclaim it boldly without compromise. May we not wish to be thought cultured, nor aim to keep in step with the times. May we be side by side with You, O bleeding Savior; and be content to be rejected, be willing to take up unpopular truth, and to hold fast despised teachings of sacred Scripture to the end.Oh make us faithful unto death."

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  1. How our communties, provinces and Nation would be transformed if each of us truly made that prayer the cry of our hearts!!