Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No Pat Answers

This morning Carol and I were briefly discussing how annoying (and angering) pat answers can be when one is in the midst of a difficult and trying situation.

Years ago I remember reading a book entitled NO PAT ANSWERS penned by the well-known novel writer Eugenia Price. It cut me to the bone because I had been guilty of just that...giving out pat answers to all who would listen. I naively thought I knew it all.

Now, many years later when I actually DO know it all...

Honestly...I'm just kidding...

The older I get the more I realize just how little I DO know. I have discovered that indiscriminately dispensing pat answers for the problems of others is not wise and often can be very damaging. Usually the hurting friend we want to help just needs a loving pat on the back, a listening ear or a loving note of encouragement saying that we care.

But aren't the scriptures God's truth on every matter? Yes they are! But to load someone down with a bucket full of Bible verses without adding a large dose of compassion and empathy could drive them deeper into the depths of despair.
We need discernment when dealing with those who hurt! Watch what you say! A kind deed done in love will mean more than empty words even though the words are truthful.


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