Friday, August 24, 2007


Our week here at Elim Lodge is coming to a close. Last night we were treated to a dramatic thunder storm. The thunder rattled the windows in our cottage and gave the ground a mighty shake. In the midst of the storm I lay awake with my arm around Nathan (10), comforting him and enjoying the sights and sounds. The Lord game me a poem as I lay there and I got up and write down the words.

Here they are! I trust you will be challenged:


The voice of God thundered in the night sky,
Bringing with it a much-needed rain;
Lightning flashed across the heav’nly highways,
Declaring God’s great glory once again.

Listening as the torrents bathed the parched soil,
A season of refreshing finally here;
O may my hardened heart welcome Thy touch, Lord,
Imparting hope where once reigned doubt and fear.

Renew Your church, O God, send a revival,
A sovereign visitation from on high;
Baptize with fire, give us a holy passion,
Restore our vision, else we’ll surely die.

- David W. Fisher, Elim Lodge, August 24/07


  1. YOUR IN THE HAND OF THE ONE WHO makes the thunder --

    All will be well David

  2. renew your church ... amen ... Lord help us to understand the scripture we already have stored in our hearts, so that the world can see YOU in us ...

    thank you for your prayer & concern on our behalf ... leo is feeling so much better ... his bloodwork was done this a.m., and i'm just waiting to see if i can bring him home ... i need help with the wild little kitty!!! it has come out of it's shell!!!

    blessings on you! and thank you for posting the poem the Lord gave you ... soon you will have enough for a book - complete with inspiring pictures ... i would love to see that - and would definitely BUY a copy (with the author's signature in it, of course!) ... maybe you would even use some of my pics? :o)

  3. Oh, yes! I can't wait for that book, and I'll take a signed copy, too!

    Speaing of books, WHO WON THEM?? Who was the blessed Canadian Pal, and the two American Pals? Please announce the winners on Pals...thank you!

    God bless you,