Thursday, August 23, 2007

Conferring With the Giants

This afternoon I sat by the lake with two excellent books by my two heroes, men of faith whose lives have shaped mine since I was a young man. My companions were HUDSON TAYLOR'S CHOICE SAYINGS and SPIRITUAL SECRETS of GEORGE MULLER (by Roger Steer).

As I perused the pages, fretting about pressing issues, I sensed a refreshing assurance that I would be alright, that Jehovah-Jireh would provide. The breeze was brisk, the air cool, raindrops occasionally sprayed on the reader from the leaves of nearby trees. But my heart was warmed.

As I rested there I wrote:

Today I sat with friends of old,
Men of purpose, mighty, bold;
As I mused I was refreshed
Reminded that this present test
Will work for my eternal good
And glory bring to our great God.

I rose determined to press on
Regardless of the raging storm,
Knowing that He will provide
Every pressing need supply;
Today, I may the answer see
But, if not, He'll steady me.

Mighty God, I watch and wait
In Your hands I place my fate,
You alone can turn the tide
Setting fear and doubt aside.
I look to You, naught else will do
Lord, my help cometh from You.

- David Fisher, Elim Lodge, August 23/07

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  1. Your writing is just beautiful. I might need to look for those inspirational books.