Sunday, August 12, 2007

Musings on Growing Old

North Side of 60

My body's growing older
My hair is fading fast;
There's much less of a future
So much of life has passed.
Yet life is so exciting
So much still left to do;
God's strength, I know, will aid me
I love Him so! Don't you?
He'll take this aging body
With all its aches and pains;
And use it for His glory
Some losses mixed with gains.
So as I journey homeward
With His hand clasped 'round mine;
I'll trust the Mighty Shepherd
And His great plan divine.
So join me weary pilgrim
And lean upon His word;
Let's share the old, old story
The greatest ever heard.
There is no greater pastime
Than walking with the Lord;
So leave your "things" behind you
He is your Great Reward!

~ David W. Fisher, August 2007
Written during a particularly difficult time when things spiritual, physical, emotional and financial were on a collision course. In the midst of the trial, God's mighty hand was revealed in all His glory! Hallelujah!


  1. David - I commented on pals about this - GREAT WORDS and so true - I wish I could let u meet people I have known over the past - this farmer I mentioned in pals - humble, did many things for people without them knowing it - early 80's he once told me on the phone, I think the Lord will come for me soon, he was in later 50's then , bad heart and just worn out - I talked with him the other nite, he was praying for my mom - still loving the Lord and still here -- and U will be too David, God has wonderful plans for U and Carol -- its only "normal" to feel the wear and tear of the pilgrimage ,, your friend , Bob

  2. Dear David,

    This strikes me as your “Ebenezer Stone”. While a difficult and painful time in your life…you will come out victorious on the other side if you continue walking with and look to the Lord. When you pass through and look back at God’s faithfulness and deliverance you will be filling with amazement and gratitude. Difficult yes…but if you surrender, submit and look to the Lord…it will be fruitful. Just think how God may use this time and redeem it…and bring good from it. He already knows what that good is…you just need to hang in there for Him to share it with you.

    Lord bless…Susan

  3. wonderful thoughts ... and so true ... when all else falls away, there remains that gleaming hope ... our God and Saviour!

  4. I've *so* wanted to come by and encourage you, my fellow Pilgrim and brother, but Blogger caused a little hiccup or something. Let's see if this note shows up! :-)

    Wonderful words you've written. It hits home with me, you know. But yes---His way is good. And though we walk through hardship & pain (sometimes limping), He is keeping us and leading us Home. Blesses me to have caring fellow pilgrims like you to pray, weep, and rejoice with.

    Pausing to lift your needs before our Heavenly Father. His blessings on your week, my friend.

  5. Did you by any chance receive an e-card or 2 on Sunday/Monday by Cross Cards? I was wondering if I sent it out correctly.

  6. Stopping by to say hello again.
    God bless you. Praying....

  7. Mr. Fisher...
    Would you mind telling me what kind of camera you use? I recall it is a Sony with an excellent zoom...I'm looking to buy my own, and because of my work, I'm looking for a high quality one, although I'm going to less-expensive route and getting a used one.

    Thank you!

    Lil Pilgrim pal

  8. I was directed here by Susan Walker. I just LOVE this poem! You have a wonderful site here! Great job!