Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Papal Blessing

Old friends, new friends, good friends, bad friends (is there such a thing?) all seem to congregate at my mother's house. The other day my old friend and neighbour from my school days, Gord Shannon, stopped at mom's place when he saw me getting out of my van. A few minutes later a more recent friend, Paul Mackay, arrived. He's a border at mom's house and has been a great friend for a few years now. Actually Paul took this picture as I was waving goodbye to Gord. He thought I looked like the Pope giving his Easter blessing (I guess)! Rather than looking like a Pope, I think I look more like a "dope". No comments, pleeeeease...

You've gotta watch that Paul Mackay guy when he's got camera in hand.
Check out his web site and you'll see why. Those "fence" shots were taken at mom's house as well.

Funny thing about standing in front of mom's can't be there for more than 41 seconds without someone driving past who knows you. happens every time.

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