Friday, April 07, 2006

54 Years on the Road


Yesterday (April 6th) I celebrated my 54th spiritual birthday. Yes, I've been on the journey "home" now for 54 long but meaningful years. It was early in the morning on Sunday, April 6th, 1952 that I bowed my head at our kitchen table in Toronto, repented of my sin, trusted God for forgiveness and asked His Son Jesus Christ to save me. HE DID!

The journey hasn't always been smooth but He never promised it would be. What I do know is that "He will bring me to my desired haven". God is faithful and I thank Him for all He has done!

What about you? Do you remember the year, the day, the hour, when God changed your life forever?

Check out last year's "post" when I announced my 53rd spiritual birthday. There's a link to an article concerning my 50th "birthday".

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