Thursday, March 22, 2012

Two Words

Quite some time ago I determined to use 2-word titles for all of my Pilgrim Scribblings blog posts.  Sometimes it was a real challenge to limit these titles but the discipline was good.

Today I'm wondering what two words you would use to characterize your life or what two words you find the most important in your life.

Please let me know what your Two Words are.

THANK YOU!  Come to think of it...those are two excellent words.


  1. Believe it or not mine are BUT GOD. When the devil tried to kill me over and over again God came to my rescue. "But God" has changed me over and over again. He has the final word and He has a plan and a purpose ALL the time for His glory. Halleluiah to His precious name!!!!

  2. David, I really like the two words you shared, But God!" I'm going to have to think on that for a while.