Sunday, September 11, 2011

Looking Back

More from Greg concerning Todd Beamer and 9/11:

Courage Has a Face

Ten years ago
four planes went down.
Two towers fell
at Zero Ground.
And one young man
who cried "Let's roll!"
gave bravery a face.

Todd Beamer
(on Flight 93)
faith and liberty
as he lived-out
what he'd been taught
and died without regrets.

At home
and at Jon Blanchard's school,
Todd learned
that no one is a fool
who gives away
what he can't keep
to gain what he can't lose.

At Wheaton
Beamer Center stands
reminding us
to serve God's plans
across the street
or 'round the world
or on a hijacked plane.

So on this anniversary
as we recall that dreadful day,
let's thank the Lord
for those who died
that we might freely live.

** Todd Beamer's godly mother spoke truth into the young patriot's life before it was prematurely concluded

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  1. Thank you David for posting this tribute to Todd Beamer. It's good to remember the ordinary heroes of that day. Those who stood courageously in the face of evil and those who risked their lives to help others.

    Was thinking about you David and praying for you. You are well loved David, by your precious wife and children and the many people whose lives you touch through your blog.

    Blessings in Christ...Susan