Friday, April 01, 2011

Eating Air

My friend Greg Asimakoupoulos can take something as simple as popcorn and write about it in such a way that you have to go and pop some.  

Where does that guy get his ideas?  

His mom should have called him "Cracker" Jack!

Fiber with a Flair

A popcorn lover's tribute to his favorite nightly snack

Popcorn is my favorite snack.
It's fiber with a flair.
The calories are next to none.
It's just like eating air.

From way back when I was a boy
(you'll probably think it odd),
I thought of popcorn manna-like.
A daily gift from God.

That Jiffy Pop was quite the rage
until I finally learned
that lest you shake that tin pan fast,
the corn is bound to burn.

The hot-air kind was healthier.
That's how it was made known.
But it was dry as cardboard puffs...
like chewing Styrofoam.

I make it the old-fashioned way.
A kettle on the stove.
Then pour the oil, add the corn
and wait till they explode.

But yellow kernels aren't my thing.
I only like the white.
A little butter and some salt.
Let's pop some up tonight.

And here's my (David's) little postscript:

Yes my friend Greg can really write,
I wish I had his touch;
He takes something like popping corn
Turns "nothing" into "much".


  1. Love it!!!!! I eat popcorn every night!!!!!!
    Danny made it to the AAA (Oakland A's). Go Danny!!!!

  2. Emily is popping corn right now - it sure smells good too!