Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Valley Thoughts

Out of curiosity I checked back in the Pilgrim Scribblings archives to see what I had posted six (6) years ago when this blog was young...and vibrant and I was still in my 50's, albeit late 50's.

Here's what I found and the truth in these lyrics has NOT changed one iota:

Recently a friend gave me a CD and several songs blessed my spirit in a very special way. The day after receiving the CD I was listening to a song made popular by the Whisnants entitled "Even in the Valley".

As I enjoyed the song I had to pull off the road as the Spirit of God brought tears to my eyes. I know that we grow in our "valley" experiences and (I think) I can praise God in the dark depths of the valley. This time though, I had such a wonderful sense of being in the presence of the Holy One. God ministered powerfully to this troubled soul. Enjoy the lyrics but more important sense the loving embrace of Jesus as you go through your valley whatever it might be.

Even in the Valley

High upon this mountain - the sun is shining bright
My heart is filled with gladness here above the cares of life
But I've just come through the valley of trouble, fear and pain
It was there I came to know my God enough to stand and say:


Even in the valley - God is good
Even in the valley - He is faithful and true
He carries his children through - like He said he would
Even in the valley - God is good

The road of life has lead you to a valley of defeat
You wonder if the Father has heard your desperate plea
But there is hope in the rugged place where tears of sorrow dwell
Can't you hear Him gently whispering "I am here and all is well".


  1. I needed to read this today... thank you for sharing!

  2. David,

    How true that even in the valley God is good. Praise His Holy Name!

    Thank you for the reminder...just what I needed.

    Blessings to you and your family.

    Love in Christ...Susan