Friday, January 07, 2011

Mom's Birthday

My mom (left) & Heather's mom (right)
My cousin Heather posted the following story about my mother, adoption and her 86th birthday on her From the Farm blog.

Thanks, Heather and Happy Birthday, Mom!

Heather writes:

I will never forget the phone call I received from Mom about a year after Dad died. Dad was the only boy in his family, with 3 younger sisters ~ Auntie Evelyn, Aunt Shirley (she passed away 6 years before Dad), and Aunt Lorraine.  "Heather," she said, "Dad has a sister." I was thinking ~ 'well, tell me something i don't know'.  I was THINKING that, but didn't say it. I let her continue. " No, he has an older sister," she continued, "Grandma had a baby before she was married and gave her up for adoption."

Giddiness was probably what I was experiencing then. How wonderful to have this exciting news of a new aunt who had been looking for her family! What a blessing for our family - to have someone in our family a year after the loss of my dad and my sister in law!

We were so excited when we were finally going to be able to meet Auntie Jean! We were waiting in my Auntie Evelyn's tiny living room - our family, Auntie Evelyn's family. Aunt Lorraine, Uncle George and Tammy had come from BC. It was amazing how many people could fit into such a small place, but that's whats possible when the walls of a home are made of rubber and are able to expand to warmly envelop the people within. These walls were ready to embrace even more people.  Family. The bond of blood. And, in our case, the bond of love. Finally, my cousin's son, who had been looking out the window, let us know "They're here."

That was 12 years ago. In those 12 years I have come to know and love Auntie Jean and my new cousins. 6 new cousins. Cousins' wives, husbands, children, grandchildren. We have been back and forth from province to province to province. Family reunions. Hugs. Laughter. Tears.  Family stuff. 

This past November Mom and I were able to fly down East to spend a week at Auntie Jean's.  Auntie Jean is a remarkable woman. She is a devout Christian.  She is the epitome of hospitality.  And encouragement.  She writes letter, sends cards, prays. She loves freely. And is loved dearly.

Today is Auntie Jean's 86th birthday. I hope she has a wonderful day. I hope she knows how much she is loved. She is a blessing!


  1. I love it when I hear stories like this one. It is the way it should be. You are so blessed!

  2. Reading this wonderful story makes me miss you.
    I guess you take after your mom!

    Love, Suzanne