Sunday, April 04, 2010

Then Jesus Came

It's Easter Sunday and the pilgrim is reminiscing about the past. The good ol' days. In an earlier post I mentioned one of Oswald J. Smith's great hymns, He Rose Triumphantly. Another trademark song of Dr. Smith's (founder of The Peoples Church in Toronto) is Then Jesus Came.

Check out George Beverly Shea's rendition here.

I can't listen to this song without recalling a very vivid dream I had many years ago.

In my dream I was walking the streets of New York City when I came across a disheveled beggar leaning up against a vacant storefront. Stopping to converse with him, I heard the chorus of
Then Jesus Came wafting from an upstairs window. Excited that there might be hope for my beggar friend in this seemingly deserted building, I took his hand and we walked up the dirty staircase together. On the 2nd floor we found a dimly lit meeting hall where about two dozen people had gathered.

An evangelist preached a short but convicting message and then a soloist sang Then Jesus Came to close the service. The beggar stumbled to the front and asked for prayer. His life was transformed by the life-changing power of the simple gospel message. Yes, "the tempter's power was broken and all was changed when Jesus came to stay."

This Easter Sunday, rejoice that there is hope for the hopeless and life for the lifeless. All seemed gloomy and dark but...Then Jesus Came.

Click here for an interview with Oswald J. Smith which includes the story behind the song Then Jesus Came.

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