Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Treasures Unseen

Recently our son Matthew and I attended a Greater Vision concert in Pickering, Ontario. The tight harmonies and godly living of this Southern Gospel trio have endeared themselves to many Christians.

That night Greater Vision sang a song that I hadn't heard before and it really ministered to my tired and hurting spirit. The song entitled Treasures Unseen speaks of those hidden, eternal treasures that the children of God possess even when the riches of this world have evaded them.

Click here to enjoy Greater Vision's rendition of this great song. Gerald Wolfe is playing the keyboard, Rodney Griffin is playing the bass guitar and their great, new tenor Jacob Kitson does a marvelous job hitting the high notes.

Enjoy and let the Spirit of God minister to you.

1 comment:

  1. dear david...i can't thank you enough for the song by greater vision which you brought to us over at pilgrim pals.
    i loved it so much that i put it over at my own blog and it has made me so encouraged and happy.
    i hope that you are feeling better too david and you know that we are praying for you...love terry