Saturday, December 05, 2009

Quotables - Here & There

If God wants us "home" no doctor can keep us here and if God wants us here no disease can take us "home". - John Piper


  1. oh Amen to that!
    what have we to fear?

  2. Saija,

    I am sorry for the things I posted on this website about a year ago. I have been through hell and back in my life and so badly needed to talk to a strong Christian.



  3. Piper is a favourite. So much wisdom.

  4. aw david...such a statement but how hard it is for me to say it and believe it at the same time!!
    my sister, gail who lives in new market and my brother, teddy, who lives in iowa have the same thing that you have "sleep apnea" and it is a hard cross for them to bear at times.
    i understand better now what you have been going through!
    but here you are!..still going on for the lord and encouraging others....god bless you terry