Sunday, April 26, 2009

Birthday Celebration

Mike Fisher celebrated his father's birthday by picking up another goal in Canada's 9-0 thrashing of Hungary at the World Championships in Zurich, Switzerland today!


Keep up the good work! That won't be hard! You NEVER quit!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, brother Jim!

Mike reports from Switzerland:

"The atmosphere is starting to build for us here at the world hockey championship and guys are really excited as we head into our second game today against Hungary. We're in Zurich and it's a great place to play and all the fans are great. They are constantly waving flags and doing chants. It's like a soccer match atmosphere, which is pretty cool. The Swiss really love their hockey.

It's such an honour to play for Team Canada. While it was disappointing for us to be out of the playoffs in Ottawa, having a chance to play for the gold for your country is an amazing experience. In 2005, I played at the world championship in Austria and we won a silver, which was disappointing but still a great experience. It was the first time I played for Canada and I learned a lot. Any time you get the opportunity to represent your country, it's an honour

Playing on the big international ice changes the game, for sure. I do think it suits my style and I'm always trying to use my speed to generate chances. Many countries are used to the big ice and have some great systems that we don't see back home.

Game one for us on Friday, I thought, was a great start. We started a little slow against Belarus but got better as the game went on and guys seemed to get a little more comfortable playing with each other. As a team, we seem to be getting more comfortable with each other as the tourney goes on and I feel we have a great mix of guys and I think we should do well."


  1. David, happy birthday to your brother! How fun that he and Tom have the same birthday. Thanks for your comment today--it's always a pleasure hearing from you, my friend. Blessings, Debra

  2. Happy Birthday blessing to Mr. Jim Fisher. Birthdays are a good reason to score goals here lately. Lots of prayers for safety in games and playing to their full potential. Thanks for posting the blog. I read it on the Sens site but great to see it here for others to enjoy.