Monday, October 10, 2005

World Serious

Seriously, who do I cheer for in this year's Fall Classic? With friends on several of the teams in post-season play, how do I choose a team to cheer for?

Well, for those interested in this "stuff", here is my rationale, beginning with all the teams who qualified for October baseball.

Atlanta vs. Houston:

There wasn't a clear winner here but I guess I was pulling for Andy Pettitte because he's a Christian and I know him better than I know any of the Atlanta players. In addition, I'm pulling for Roger Clemens. The Rocket Man seems to keep rolling along. A couple of other Astros who I don't know personally but who are Christians are Lance Berkman & Morgan Ensberg.

So...I was pulling for the Astros and they beat out the Braves.

St. Louis vs. San Diego:

For several years I've been hoping that the Cardinals would go all the way. But this season a couple of longtime friends moved on to other teams and another player who I've met a few times also went elsewhere. Woody Williams went back to the Padres, Mike Matheny signed with the Giants and J. D. Drew moved on to the Dodgers. So, my desire to see the Cardinals win has decreased. I think Albert Pujols is one of the best players in the game and he's also a Christian so I'd like to see the Cards win for his sake. But... Woody Williams is with the Padres now and even though the Padres were just a mediocre, .500 team, I wanted them to win for Woody's sake.

So...I was cheering for the Padres but they lost 3 straight to the Cardinals.

Boston vs. Chicago:

This was a no-brainer. I don't really have a friend on the White Sox but I know several of the Red Sox including their manager, Terry Francona and one of their coaches, Brad Mills. Two of my all-time favorite players and friends, Mike Timlin and John Olerud (both ex-Jays) play for the Red Sox.

So...I was hoping the Red Sox would beat out the Pale Sox but Chicago prevailed 3 games to none. Yuck!

Los Angeles vs. New York:

This was difficult to call. Aaron Small of the Yankees was a Blue Jay briefly back in 1994 and finished this season for the Yankees with a 10-0 record. What a special man! He's a Christian and loves the Lord as does Mariano Rivera, the Yankees' closer. But one of my long-time friends, Tim Salmon, plays for the Angels and even though he missed the entire season due to injury, I have a soft spot in my heart for the Angels. Their chapel leader, Chuck Obremski, who went home to be with the Lord recently, is a huge part of the equation. Garret Anderson is the chapel rep for the Angels. Rex Hudler, a long-time friend, is part of the Angels television crew.

So...I am cheering for the Angels (who are leading in Game 5 as I write this).

I think I'll pause until this game is over and then give my favorite to win the World Series. Whew! The Angels just defeated the Yankees 5-3 and are heading to Chicago for the ALCS.

Houston vs. St. Louis:

I'll pick the Astros for the reasons mentioned above.

Los Angeles vs. Chicago:

I hope the Angels knock off the White Sox 4 straight...but that won't happen.


Hopefully it will be the Astros and the Angels. My pick? The Angels! Why? What a tribute to Chuck Obremski and two players who have been such an encouragement to Chuck, Tim Salmon and Garret Anderson!

Go Angels Go!


  1. Amen preach it sentiments exactly David! I feel almost certain...that the Angels will win the World Series this year.

    In part...because they have heart and motivation. Among which is to make Chuck proud...and for God to open up the door of opportunity for these men to witness about Jesus Christ to a hurt and dying world.

    They were fed a rich diet of God's word...and are able to share first hand about the difference that God can and has made in their own lives and the life of a man of God. One who was willing to sacrifice his life...even to the end...if that meant that God would use it to get his gospel message to people in need of salvation.

    Always great visiting Pilgrim Scribblings...a real encouragement.

    I continue to lift Tracy up in prayer and am hopeful for good news...and for God to strengthen, give great wisdom and much love to you all.

    My love to you and your Jesus Christ. Susan

  2. Thanks David, for all that! We're with you. Go, Angels, Go! ---the Harrington's

  3. boy, sure is strange to see the red sox and yankees out of the running this early. I like the Astro's and Cards. However, as I have followed Chuck's last days and heard about the man through this blog and our conversations, I can't help pull for the angels in this too.