Thursday, October 13, 2005

Occupy 'Til I Come

Today, while meeting with the Church in the City pastors and Christian workers in Peterborough, I was thinking of the scripture verse, "occupy 'til I come!" (Luke 19:13)

Earlier in the morning my friend Paul Mackay and I had been discussing world events and the imminent return of Christ. I mentioned the verse at that time and it was on my heart throughout the morning. In context (Luke 19:13), the command was given by a nobleman who was leaving for a far country and had given each of ten servants, ten "talents" to invest. The challenge still applies to us. The Master has gone away but has promised to come again. How will He find us? What have we done with the mandate He has given us?

Being an aspiring preacher (I've been preaching and aspiring for 40 years) I made an acrostic of the word OCCUPY. The fact that I did it while another brother was praying might be cause for a slap on the wrist. Anyhow, here's a thought for you...

O Order your private world, the inner life

C Confess any known sin

C Call others to repentance

U Undergird and encourage your fellow believers

P Proclaim God's power and glory to "your world"

Y Yield moment my moment to the Spirit's control

If we would commit to doing this (redeeming the time) rather than frittering away our days, we would fulfil Christ's command and see His tranforming power at work!

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