Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Digging into the Archives...Fanny Crosby

Today I dug into the archives of Pilgrim Scribblings and found the following post about Fanny Crosby.  What an amazing woman! - David

Here's that post...from December 2004:

The old hymns hold a special place in my heart! I’ve always enjoyed reading the biographies of the great hymn writers from a bygone day, writers like Isaac Watts, William Cowper and Fanny Crosby

I marvel at the lyrics penned by Fanny Crosby who lost her sight when she was only six (6) weeks old. When she was only eight (8) she wrote the following poem: 

"Oh what a happy soul am I! 
Although I cannot see, 
I am resolved that in this world 
Contented I will be.
How many blessings I enjoy
That other people don't. 
To weep and sigh because I'm blind, 
I cannot and I won't." 

What a positive attitude! She has written meaningful words to close to 9,000 hymns. Many of them have references to seeing, sight, etc. 

Here are just a few examples that reveal Fanny Crosby’s deep-seated faith that one day she would see Jesus face to face: 

“My Savior First of All”: 

“When my life work is ended and I cross the swelling tide, 
When the bright and glorious morning I shall see.” 

“Oh the soul thrilling rapture when I see His blessed face 
And the luster of His kindly beaming eye.” 

“To God Be the Glory”:

“But purer and higher and greater will be 
Our wonder, our transport, when Jesus we see.” 

“Tell Me the Story of Jesus”: 

“Love in that story so tender, clearer than ever I see. 
Stay, let me weep while your whisper, Love paid the ransom for me.” 

“Near the Cross”: 

“Near the cross! O Lamb of God, bring its scenes before me; 
Help me walk from day to day, with its shadows o’er me.” 

“I know I shall see in His beauty, the King in whose law I delight; 
Who lovingly guardeth my footsteps and giveth me songs in the night.” 

“Give Me Jesus”: 

“Take the world but give me Jesus; let me view His constant smile. 
Then thro’-out my pilgrim journey, light will cheer me all the while.” 

“Blessed Assurance”: 

“Perfect submission, perfect delight! Visions of rapture now burst on my sight; 
Angels descending bring from above, Echoes of mercy, whispers of love.” 

“He Hideth My Soul”: 

“A wonderful Savior is Jesus my Lord, a wonderful Savior to me; 
He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock, where rivers of pleasure I see.” 

“All the Way My Savior Leads Me”:

“Tho my weary steps may falter, and my soul athirst may be, 
Gushing from the Rock before me, Lo! A spring of joy I see.” 

What a glorious faith Fanny Crosby possessed! One day we will see Jesus face to face. Until then, let’s revel in His love and rejoice in His provision. - David W. Fisher 

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