Friday, March 22, 2013

Bookstore Blues

Here I go...flogging a dead horse again! Many of my readers will know how disappointed I was when our local Christian bookstore CLOSED for good. 

Through no fault of their own, Jim and Susan Rose had to lock the door for the last time. Changing times? Different consumer buying habits? Failure of local Christians to support a business that warranted their patronage? All of the above!

Many times since then I've been in the Market Plaza and fondly remembered the good times I'd spent in Emmaus Family Books. Meeting old friends! Chatting with Jim or Sue or their daughters! Buying a CD, book or a card! Often I'd think of someone who needed an encouraging word. I'd drop by the store and pick up a nice Dayspring card...not available anywhere else. Sure, I could order it online or drive to Toronto to purchase a card. But I needed it right away. CLOSED!

Easter will be here in another week. I'd like to pick up some Dayspring cards. Even just one for my mother or my wife or that struggling person I met on the street.

I can drive to Cobourg to visit my friend Paul Wilkinson at Searchlight Books. They are still open...thank God. But driving down there for one card?

Who says Christian bookstores are no longer relevant? NOT ME!

If you still have a Christian bookstore...SUPPORT IT! PLEASE!!!

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  1. word on the street is that a christian book store is opening in Northcrest mall later this spring.