Thursday, January 31, 2013

HUGE Losses

Paul Wilkinson from Thinking Out Loud wrote the following lament and I agree 100%.  Paul has been a Christian bookstore owner for years (and I was too).

I know that many readers will argue with me but my position remains firm and unchanging.  When a Christian bookstore closes its doors's HUGE loss.

Paul writes:

With electronic devices, the proliferation of online ordering, and a general lack of reading taking place, it’s easy to know the why of what happens when a community loses a Christian bookstore.

But in the process, the community also loses its Christian music store and its Christian DVD store and its Christian greeting card store and its Christian giftware store and its Christian apparel store and its outlet for tickets for Christian events and its church supplies store and its Bible store and its place to meet up with other Christ followers in a non church setting.

Instead: The church community loses a marketplace presence.

Instead: The community at large loses the effects of the church being in that marketplace.

Maybe, even though they don’t own the businesses in question, local churches should be standing side-by-side with the remaining stores and fighting for their survival.

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  1. Hey David! This post partially inspired my own post today--I read it last night and then read the store closure article which I sited there, later. So thank-you.... but I'm thinking you won't quite like what I wrote--uh-oh! It's a different way of looking at things, but perhaps it will help ease some of the pain. Perhaps. But it's truly how I feel and well, thanks again for sharing words which nudged me to write and God bless you much! ... Debra