Friday, June 22, 2012

Holy Highwire

Nik Wallenda
Greg Asimakoupoulus has penned another great poem.  He writes about two high profile athletes:


 Did you hear that tightrope walker
as he crossed Niagra Falls? *
Did you hear Webb Simpson doing much the same? ** 
At the foggy U. S. Open or amid Niagra's mist,
you could hear those young men praising Jesus' name.

When your faith is more than prayer beads
that you finger once a day
or the place you spend an hour once a week,
then it has a way of springing
from that well deep down inside
and impacts the way you live and how you speak.

When you love the Lord you're serving,
when King Jesus owns your heart,
when you seek his kingdom faithfully each day,
then your faith's not dull religion
or list of endless rules 
it's a source of joy that shows in what you say.

* For a link to ABC 20/20 to watch Nik Walende's high wire stunt and hear his unedited praise of God go to...

 ** For a link to a Christianity Today article about Webb Simpson's public witness to his faith go to...

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